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Inserting FAQs in a Page or Post

In this section you will learn how to include the created FAQs in a post/page using FAQ shortcode. Go to the Page/Post, where you want to add the FAQ, click on the FAQ icon (question mark) within the standard editor, a pop-up will open up, where you can set the FAQ options.

Check the categories you want to display within the page. The category titles will be displayed as separate tabs. If category titles are disabled, the questions will be displayed in a sequence without category separation. The sequence of the categories will be based on the ordering set in Order section.
Select theme.Select the theme for displaying the FAQs.

Category Options
Show Title. Choose whether to display the title of the category or not.
Show Description. Choose whether to display the category description before proceeding to FAQs or not.
Category Numbering. Choose whether to provide numbering for the categories or not.

FAQ Options
Like. Choose whether to display like/dislike button
Hits. Choose whether to display the number of the views or not.
Date. Choose whether to display the date of the added FAQ.
User. Choose whether to display the name of the logged in user, who added the FAQ.
Expand all answers after the page is loaded. Check the box to enable this option.
Search. Check to display a search button for the FAQ search.

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