WordPress Facebook Feed WD

Step by step guide

Publishing Facebook Feed

You can publish Facebook Feed in a post/page or as a widget.

Publishing in a Page/Post
To publish the created feeds within a page or post you should use shortcode. Open the page/post from the back end. Press on the Add Facebook Feed button within the editor. Then select the feed and press Insert button.

Publishing as a Widget
Navigate to Appearance > Widgets.
Scroll to Facebook Feed WD widget and assign it to a custom widget position choosing one of the available positions. Fill in the details and press Save button.
Title. Provide a title for your Facebook Feed widget.
Feed. Select the feed which will be displayed as a widget.
View. Choose the display view for the feed. Depending on feed this can be blog style, album, masonry and thumbnail view.
Count. Set a constant number of posts which will be displayed with widget.
Dimensions. Choose Facebook Feed widget dimensions.
Theme. Choose the theme for the widget.

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