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Creating Facebook App

To begin creating Facebook feeds on your WordPress site, it is necessary to configure a Facebook App, as well as get page access token. This allows WordPress Facebook Feed plugin to request and receive data from Facebook and display it on your feed.

Configuring App ID and App Secret Keys

Start creating a Facebook app by navigating to Facebook Developers page, then sign in to your Facebook account. If you are not registered as a facebook developer, registration will be offered to you. Afterwards, press Add a New App button to begin the setup.

A popup box will appear, allowing you to fill in Display Name of your app, as well as a Contact Email. As you fill in this data, click on Create App ID button. Facebook may ask you to fill in word validation for security check before proceeding to the next step.

Create a New Facebook App

Your Facebook app will be created in a few moments, however, there are a few settings that are required to be filled in. As you will notice at the top of this page, the status of this app will be set to Development. After completing the setup, you can publish it by clicking the On/Off switch.

Important! Unfortunately, Facebook only allows the admins of pages to create respective feeds on WordPress.

And since you are the admin of the Facebook page, you can leave your app in Development mode. The feed of your page will display correctly in this case.

Configuring Facebook App

As the first step, using App Domains option, fill in the domain of your website where you wish to publish Facebook feeds. The domain must have the following format:


Afterwards, copy the URL to your privacy policy page with the corresponding setting. It is also necessary to upload an image through App Icon option. Its dimensions must be 1024 x 1024 pixels.

Configuring Facebook App

Afterwards, scroll down to find Add Platform button. Clicking on it will open a popup. Select Website option.

Adding a Platform to Facebook App

Using Site URL input box, fill in the URL of your website. It must have the following format:


Important! If your WordPress website is located in a sub-folder on your domain, make sure to enter its full path. For instance, https://example.com/wordpress-folder.

Adding a Platform to Facebook App

Save the changes and access WordPress administrative panel of your website. Navigate to Facebook Feed WD > Options page and copy the App ID and App Secret into the corresponding inputs. Make sure to save the changes.

Facebook Feed WD Options

Getting Page Access Token

After configuring your Facebook App, navigate to Graph API Explorer page to get page access token. With Graph API Explorer drop-down box, select the same app you are using in Facebook Feed WD plugin.

Getting Page Access Token

Then expand Get Token option and select Get Page Access Token. It will be necessary to authorize your Facebook App by clicking on Continue button.

Getting Page Access Token

Note: Ignore the warning that your app has not been reviewed. To display your own page, there is no need to pass a review of the app.

The access token for your page will appear in the corresponding input box.

Note: In case you manage multiple pages on Facebook, please select the page you wish to use for Facebook Feed WD plugin.

Getting Page Access Token

Navigate to WordPress administrative panel of your website and edit your feed from Facebook Feed WD > Feeds page. Use Page access token option to copy the token you just got from Graph API Explorer.

Make sure to press Save after the Page Access Token is filled in.

Getting Page Access Token

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