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WordPress Facebook Feed WD

Step by step guide


Firstly you need to configure Options of the WordPress Facebook Feed plugin and therefore Go to Facebook Feed WD>Options.

App ID and App Secret Key:
Navigate to Facebook Developers Apps.
If you already have an account press Login button:

If you are new to this system press Login, fill in your Facebook details and further proceed pressing Register button:

A pop-up will come up asking you to agree on terms of usage and privacy. Accept the terms and proceed with next step by filling in your phone number to receive a confirmation code:

Fill in the confirmation code and press Register button.

A success message will pop-up confirming your registration:

When you’re done with registration, you can start creating your first application. Press on My apps navigation arrow next to your profile icon and choose Add a New App.

A screen will pop where you can choose the application platform. Here press on Basic setup button below:

Here fill in application display name, email and choose category for the app. And press Create App ID button.

Navigate to Developer dashboard, where both the App ID and App Secret Key will be appear. If Secret Key is not visible press Show button.

Facebook login / logout. Press to login with provided application details to use content from your user data.
Feed auto-update interval. You can define the period of time to update the feed in your website(minimum is 30 second).
Timezone. Since Facebook will display post time based on timezone, here you can change it from your default timezone to a custom one.
Date format for posts. Set date format while displaying posts from profile, group or page.
Date format for events. Set date format while displaying events.

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