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Lightbox settings

Lightbox option is not restricted to albums and images. Videos and events can also be shown within the lightbox.

Full width lightbox. The output of the full width lightbox will be a large lightbox covering entire display of the used device.
Lightbox dimensions. If you opt for fixed-size lightbox you need to provide its dimensions.
Lightbox effect. There are 15 possible lightbox effects for image transactions . You can choose one of them or skip it setting lightbox effect to none.
Lightbox autoplay. Autoplay will change images within given time interval.
Time interval. Set time which will be applied for shifting images in lightbox.
Open comment box. Choose whether to display comments of the image/video/event in lightbox or not.
Show filmstrip in lightbox. By enabling filmstrip you will display small thumbnails of images/videos included in album/timeline. When hitting a filmstrip thumbnail the user will get a chance to open up the corresponding image/video and continue lightbox navigation from there.
In addition you can choose to display comments, likes, author, post name, control buttons, fullscreen, info and comments, message(description), Facebook button, Twitter button, Google+ button.

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