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Calendar Settings

Here you can both preview the current calendar theme and create new events straight from the calendar by clicking the ‘Preview/Add Event’ link and opening up your calendar.

Date. You can either use the default date or change it using tabs and filling the date based on the date format.
Title. You can give a title to the event and it will be saved as a draft. After adding the title, a link to “Edit details” will be displayed below. Follow the link to add details of the event within the ‘Event’ section and publish it.
Clear cache. Use the option if you have WordPress event calendar integration add-ons. This clears the events cache pulled from other external calendars.
Timezone. Set the timezone for the calendars.
Date format. Specify the date format for the calendar events.
Time format. Specify the time format for the calendar events.
Week start day. Choose the starting day for the week.
Events Slug. Specify a slug for the page which will display the events within a single list.
Enable comments for events. Check to allow the users to leave comments below the calendar.
Include events in main loop. Check the box to include the event posts within the post listing on other WordPress pages.
Enable social icons. Choose the option to display social sharing buttons (Facebook, Twitter and Google+) in event, organizer and venue pages.

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