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Tax, discount and shipping

Here you can choose whether to include discounts and taxes in the final price of the product or not, e.g. you have tax of 10% and discount of 30% for 30USD item. When both options are enabled you will see 23.1 USD.

You can also display tax in price during checkout and in shopping cart or skip that to final step.

Since the tax comes as percentage you can choose to round it per item (line) or subtotal. The tax calculation can be based on customer shipping/billing address or the store location.

Price suffix will allow adding price description, e.g. Price_including_tax or Taxed_price_excluding_shipment

When you have multiple taxes applied to the item, you can separate them using itemized option or have an overall subtotal, e.g. 100 USD item is due to 5% and 3% taxes. Those taxed additions can be itemized as Tax: 5USD and Tax: 3 USD for itemized set up or Tax:8USD as subtotal.

There are a few parameters for shipping. You can hide/display shipping methods for items before entering shipping address. This address can be taken as either billing or shipping address, or you can force it to billing address (allowing your user to have only one address filled in).

Here you can also set shipping calculation- per group (in case of identical shipping methods the bundle will be considered as a single unit, whereas in case of different methods for included items the shipping will be calculated for each product separately) of per unit (each unit will have its own shipping charge).

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