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Step by step guide

Adding Tax Classes

To create tax classes for grouped or single items go to Ecommerce>Tax Classes. Fill in its title, slug, description and add tax rates.

The tax rate might vary based on the address. For each country, zip code or area code you can have separate tax pressing Insert Row.

Here you can set the country, rate, name the tax and set its priority.

Priority. If you have only specific countries, you can add separate rows for those and have the rest set to All Country. In this case it will be important to have the same priority to have only one of them applied:

E.g. Canada 3%, All Countries 5%, will help to apply only 3% if Canada has higher rank in ordering. If those two have different priorities both of the taxes will apply regardless of ranking.

In addition to country there are a few other variables can be set for tax. To see the full list, you should first save the tax pressing Add new tax button, then from the list press Edit button (available below the title on hover).

Here you will see a few more rows: State, ZIP/Postcode, City, Compound and Shipping Rate.

In state, zip/postcode and city rows you need to manually add the list of codes/names and separate them with semicolon to apply different tax rates based on filled in data. Plus you can have separate Shipping rate for the provided data.

The taxes use various attributes to define which tax should be applied to the product and in what order.

Ordering. If you have set the tax priority, then only one of the same priority tax will be applied to the product. And that’s the tax class which has higher ranking.

E.g. if you are purchasing item for Australia

  • Australia with Priority 1
  • All Countries with Priority 1

Set up will have only Australia-relevant tax applies to the product.

  • Australia with Priority 1
  • All Countries with Priority 2

Set up will have both Australia and All Countries tax applied to the product.

Compound Tax. This applies in cases when you have more than one tax applied to the product. If checked it will apply the second and consequential taxes to already taxed price of the product. If unchecked, the tax will be applied not over, but to the original price of the product before taxes.

E.g. Product is priced 100USD before taxes.

We have

Australia with Priority 1 and Tax percentage 10% All Countries with Priority 2 and Tax percentage 30% Compound

In this case first Australian tax will be applied and then All Country. The calculation will be the following: 100+100*10%= 110 USD, then 110+110*30%=143 USD, which will be the final price. In case of non-compound for both cases, we will end up with 140USD.

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