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Backup WD plugin lets you run each backup job manually. Additionally, you can configure a schedule to backup the files or database automatically. Use Start job with option under Schedule tab to set this up.

To run your backup job manually, save the created job first, then navigate to Backup WD > Jobs page. Hover on the title of backup job you need to run, then click Run Now.

WPCron option lets you schedule automatic backups. There are two Schedule types, Basic or Advanced. They let you schedule specific date when the backup will be done automatically.

Advanced. Use this setting to select the month, weekday, the day of the month and time for the automatic backup. Select Any to run the backup on any month or a weekday. Note, that the day of the month can be set up to 28th of each month. Select L option for backup on the last day of the month.

This type of backup run executes backup functions only in case you open the given URL with a web browser. Simply copy the link, paste it to your browser window and press Enter. The backup will start immediately.

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