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Files Backup

Backup WD plugin allows you to quickly create backup archives containing your website files. This feature has a dedicated section of options, which you can use to configure the backup process. Click on Files Backup tab to open them. Use the following settings to choose which folders to backup:

  • Backup installation folder (wp-admin, wp-includes or wp-snapshots),
  • Backup content folder (wp-content),
  • Backup plugins (wp-content/plugins),
  • Backup themes (wp-content/themes),
  • Backup uploads (wp-content/uploads).

Exclude option of these 5 settings allows you to exclude selected folders of these directories from being included in the backup.

Extra folders to backup. In case there are extra folders on your website, which you wish to add to the backup, simply write their absolute path in this input. You can add multiple folders, however, make sure to separate them with a line break. For example:

Thumbnails in uploads. Select this option to exclude the backup of thumbnails from /wp-content/uploads folder.

Exclude files/folders from backup. Use this option to write the files or paths to exclude from backup. Make sure to separate the entries with a line break or comma. For example: .tmp,.svn,.git,desktop.ini Or .tmp .svn .git desktop.ini

Include special files. Mark this option as checked, in case you wish to backup wp-config.php, robots.txt, nginx.conf, .htaccess, .htpasswd and favicon.ico files from root, if they are not included in backup.

Use one folder above as WordPress install directory. This option is recommended, in case you wish to backup files and folders, which are not in WordPress installation directory. Also, this can be helpful in case your WordPress installation is located under a separate folder.

Note: If you enable Use one folder above as WP install folder option, make sure to configure excludes again.

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