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To configure Dropbox as the destination for your backup files, you will need to add its API keys to Backup WD > API Keys > Dropbox page. The detailed description of API keys setup is under API Keys section of this guide.

This service offers Full Dropbox App and Sandbox App for integration. While configuring the API Keys, make sure to add yours to the correct options.

In case you don’t have a Dropbox account, please firstly create one here. Now let’s go through all options associated with Dropbox integration for storing backup files.

App Access to Dropbox and Full Access to Dropbox options will appear under Dropbox tab of your backup job configuration, based on the setup on the plugin’s API Keys > Dropbox page.

Press Get Dropbox App auth code to let the plugin create a dedicated folder titled BackupWD in Apps folder of your Dropbox account. The plugin will have permissions to read and write files into this folder only. You can also specify a subfolder as backup destination, using Folder in Dropbox setting.

Folder in Dropbox. Set the title of your Dropbox folder, where the backup files will be uploaded.

File deletion. Specify the maximum number of files in Dropbox folder for backup. When the limit is reached, the oldest backup file will be deleted automatically.

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