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These are the layout settings that affect all your pages. Or in other words, it is a site-wide settable layout options. That’s why it’s important for you firstly edit global settings for all pages, then layout options page by page.

NOTE: If you want to customize a layout of a particular page, use Layout pane when you create or edit a page.

Select the default layout for pages and posts on the website.

1. From the left menu select:

For all theme versions For PRO theme options only

Appearance > Customize

Appearance > Theme Options

2. When the Customizing menu opens, select Layout Editor > Layout Editor.

3.Configure the following options:

1 Select one of available layouts.

2 Check to choose full width for pages and posts.

3 Specify the width of the Content Area.

4. Click the Save & Publish button to save your changes.

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