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Step by step guide

Configuring General Look-and-feel

Make changes in the general settings and the content of the site.

    1. From the left menu select Appearance > Theme Options > General.

    2. Configure the following options:

    Option Description
    Custom CSS checkbox Custom CSS will change the visual style of the website. The CSS code provided here can be applied to all website.
    Blog style post format checkbox Check the box to have short previews for the homepage/index posts.
    Grab the first post image checkbox Enable this option if you want to use the images that are already in your post to create a thumbnail without using custom fields. In this case thumbnail images will be generated automatically using the first image of the post. Note that the image needs to be hosted on your own server.
    Display post meta information checkbox Choose whether to display the post meta information such as date, author and etc.
    Heading background checkbox Enable colorful background of the main heading in page content.
    Information in the footer checkbox Check the box to display custom HTML for the footer.
    Information in the footer field Here you can provide the HTML code to be inserted in the footer of your web site.
    Google Maps API key field Enter your Google Maps API key to enable the Google Maps functionality on your site. Get the key here: https://developers.google.com/maps/documentation/javascript/get-api-key
    Fix menu checkbox Check the box to fix menu.
    Menu width field Menu width as a percentage of total header container width. The rest is logo section width.
    Logo type radio buttons group Select one of the available logo types: None, Image or Text.
    Logo text field Provide with a custom logo text.

    3. Click Save Settings to save your changes.

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