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Creating Posts

To create a post:

1. Go to Posts > Add New to create, edit or review your posts.

2. You can customize the post using the WYSIWYG.

  • Use the text box to entitle your post.

  • Add media, write and edit a text using the large area below the title. NOTE: Refer to the Creating Pages to find detailed information about the WYSIWYG, Publish and Layout panes.

  • Use the Categories pane to add your post to specific category, selecting the appropriate check box. This makes easier for readers to find what they’re looking for.

  • The Tag pane also simplifies the way users find the content in your site.

    NOTE: Posts are listed in reverse chronological order on the blog home page or on the posts page. Pages are static and are not listed by date. They don’t have tags or categories.

  • The Featured image pane allows you to associate an image with your post without inserting it. The featured image is used as a post thumbnail on the home page, a custom header, etc.

    To set the featured image for your post, do the following:

         1. Click Set featured image.

         2. When the Featured Image menu opens, select the Upload Files tab to upload a new image or the Media Library tab to select the image from the library.

         3. Select the required image. You may enter the title, caption, alt text and description for the selected image.

         4. Click Set featured image.

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