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MailChimp WordPress

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MailChimp WD

Take the next step in your email marketing strategy. Convert your website visitors into subscribers with a comprehensive MailChimp WD WordPress plugin. The plugin allows you to integrate MailChimp with your WordPress website, create multiple opt-in and opt-out forms and start building and managing mailing lists.

WordPress MailChimp plugin is a great way to increase email opt-ins on your website. The plugin allows to incorporate embedded forms, popups, top bar and scroll box to your WordPress pages. The MailChimp WD for WordPress will collect and add subscribers to your email marketing lists automatically when a form is submitted.

Create lists on MailChimp, view and manage them directly from your WordPress dashboard. Download Mailchimp WD today!

Support / Updates Period We provide Support for Unlimited Subscribe/Unsubscribe forms MailChimp list management Responsive layout & design Submissions Management Export submissions to CSV/XML Conditional logic / formatting 10 customizable themes Display options (Popup, Toolbar, Scrollbar) Custom Fields Customizable form header Custom Emails PayPal Integration


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MailChimp WordPress Plugin Features

Simple Set-up

Activate the plugin and simply grab the API key from your MailChimp account. Quickly create multiple Subscribe/Unsubscribe forms, connect to corresponding MailChimp lists. Manage subscriptions in an easy-to-use admin.


Make the forms look and feel exactly as you want. The WordPress plugin allows to customize almost every aspect of the forms. Choose a theme that best fits your website, add an image, choose an image animation, add new fields and more.

Drag & Drop

Use the user-friendly drag and drop function to move the fields around, change the order of fields and create columns within the form.

Form Display Options

You can display the forms in 4 different ways - Embedded, Popup, Top bar and Scroll box. Each of the views has its customization options, including animation effect for pop-up, display pages, categories, frequency and more.

Custom Messages

MailChimp WD WordPress plugin allows you to use notifications from MailChimp or set-up custom subscribe/u1nsubscribe emails for each form. Display customized messages after the user has submitted the form and the data has been successfully sent to MailChimp. You can also customize error messages, invalid email notes and other messages.


The more subscribers you have the better. But don't forget about the quality. Add captcha to your opt-in/opt-out forms to avoid spammy subscriptions. Choose Simple, Arithmetic Captchas or Recaptcha. Customize the field position, size, additional specs.

Conditional Fields

Build smarter and more complex forms. Set conditions for forms to automatically show or hide fields in the form a certain condition is met.

Submissions Management

Get a detailed overview of the submissions. See number of entries, conversion rate and number of views for each form. Add/remove columns and filter submissions based on dates, IPs, email address and more.


The plugin allows you to export certain lists and submissions data in a CSV or XML format.


The Mailchimp plugin for WordPress comes with 13 pre-built themes you can choose from. If none of the themes suit your website, you can add a new theme or customize the existing themes. Change fonts, borders, margins, colors and much more. View changes you make instantly in the dashboard preview. If you wish to have it with the styles of your website theme, choose Inherit From Theme option.

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