Image Optimizer

Image Optimizer

Want to improve the page speed of your WordPress website? Then you probably need to start with optimizing the images on your website. The Image Optimizer WordPress Plugin is the fastest and the easiest way to resize, optimize and compress JPEG, PNG, GIF and PDF files on your website.

With user-friendly interface and features, the image optimizer plugin allows you to optimize images manually and automatically, without loosing the quality of the images.The plugin works great with Photo Gallery plugin and any other Wordpress gallery plugins.

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WordPress Image Optimizer Plugin Features

Improve the load time of your WordPress website and help it rank higher on search engines by optimizing images.

Bulk Optimization

You can choose to optimize images one at a time by choose individual files from the media library or optimize image files in bulk with just one click.

Optimization Quality

Resize images to save space on your server. Define the quality of optimization for each media type (JPEG, PNG, GIF, PDF) by choosing from the four options available - No Compression, Lossless, Lossy and Maximum Lossy.

Scheduled Optimization

Configure the settings, define optimization frequency, size of images to be optimized and images on your website will be optimized on hourly, daily or twice daily basis.

3 Modes

Optimize images in 3 different modes - conservative, balanced and extreme. Choose the one that better fits the needs of your website.

Convert Media Types

The image optimizer plugin allows to convert jpg files to png and vice versa, gif to png, jpg to webP, as well as png to webP. Simply set conversion settings from the advanced options of the plugin.


Check report section of the plugin to see compression results for images you’ve optimized. Alternatively see an overview statistics with total numbers.


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