Google Analytics WD Data Usage Policy

Google Analytics WD plugin only grabs user's Google analytics profile data in order to display it in Wordpress admin area. OAuth 2.0 authentication and data request are being used to access Google APIs. The plugin uses Universal JS files which are recommended by Google Analytics. In order to retrieve data from Google Analytics acccount an access code is needed, so when the user authorizes within the plugin, we take the access code and store it in his database. The latter is done in order to avoid the need of repeating authentication. After authorization, the plugin will get access to the user's Google Analytics account individual data and only user will have access to it. The user can manage access to his GA account data within plugin for other Wordpress users by role (blog owners or the one who have access to admin area). In order to optimize page loading speed we are caching the reports in database until the end of the current day. Google Analytics WD plugin obeys to Google’s Terms and Conditions.


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