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Allow your users to quickly and easily make credit card payments via Stripe and get the payments directly in your bank account. Get the powerful Stripe Add-On for the Form Maker plugin today.

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!Attention: Stripe Payment Gateway Add-On requires Premium version of Form Maker

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General Description

Form Maker Stripe is convenient add-on if you have plans to integrate Stripe payment method as an addition to default PayPal Payments method. Stripe is a popular payment method for United States, Canada, Australia and United Kingdom. These are the countries which can accept payments, whereas payment can be sent from any country. It has appealing rates compared to other methods (https://stripe.com/us/pricing).
Stripe allows to accept direct payments made by Credit Cards. Users will remain on your website during the entire process. Though no sensitive data is transferred to or being stored on your website, it is still recommended to have SSL certificate for the payment process security.


You should install Form Maker Stripe add-on as a standard plugin. Go to Plugins section of your WordPress site, press Add new. Here select the downloaded zip file of the add-on and press Install Now. After the installation is completed press Activate button. Alternatively you can extract the plugin’s zip file and upload to your wp-content/plugins folder via FTP, then enter Plugins section and press Activate.

Stripe Integration

Login to your WordPress site back end. Go to Form Maker > Manager > Your Form and press Form Options button. Here navigate to Payment Options and select Stripe. Fill in the details below and press Save button. To use Stripe do not forget to add Payment fields going to Add new Fields> Payments and adding Credit

Payment Currency. Select the payment currency. The list of all supported currencies can be found in drop-down.
Tax. Set the percentage per purchase which will be used as tax.
Checkout mode. Choose to have Stripe set in test or live (production) mode to set the options.

Fill in Live or Test API keys based on the checkout mode selected. More details on how to find the API keys can be found here.

Below this line you will find the list of fields which are required for Stripe and some fields which are not required but can be asked from the users. Please choose the fields you want to display and make them required upon necessity. The collected data will be stored on your site, except Credit Card related data (pre-required fields).

The fields are the following: Card number (required), CVC (required), Expiration month (required), Expiration year (required), Name, Address Line 1, Address Line 2, City, State, Address Country, Zip code.



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