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Generate files in PDF format with the data captured through submitted forms. Get the Form Maker PDF Integration Add-on today to enhance the functionality of your forms and make data sharing and archiving easier.

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General information

Do you want to have more elegant submissions view for forms? Would you rather have individual submissions customized and designed as a document? What is the best format for that? Well, PDF format is a good choice- it’s convenient in use and can be opened and viewed with any software. That’s why we introduce the Form Maker PDF Integration as a game changer for the submissions display.

The Form Maker PDF Integration add-on allows sending submitted forms in PDF format.You can choose the fields you want to add to PDF file, as well as to insert additional content. The add-on uses the standard Custom text editor previously available with Email Options and Custom text after Submission.


You should install Form Maker PDF Integration add-on as a standard plugin. Go to Plugins toolbar, press Add new. Here select the downloaded zip file of the add-on and press Install Now. After the installation is completed press Activate button. Alternatively you can extract the plugin’s zip file and upload to your wp-content/plugins folder via FTP, then enter Plugins section and press Activate.

Form Maker PDF Integration

Go to Form Maker back end and open the form.Go to Form Options and open the PDF integration Tab. Enable the option choosing “Yes”.The option can be further disabled.

Send Email To. Here you can choose whom to send submissions in PDF format to. Here you will see Administrator and User emails. Please note it this case Administrator and User emails refers to all emails previously included within Administrator and User sections of Email Options, including BCC and CC.

Folder Path. This is the folder, where created PDF files will be uploaded to. By defaults it is Form Maker upload folder. You can change it to another location.

Custom Text. Here you can create the content which will be included within the PDF file. You can add custom text, include all or some of form fields. The fields are located above the box, when hitting the name of the field, the data of that filled will be filled within the document, e.g.


Let’s imagine we have 5 fields- Name, Event Name, Date, Type of Participation, Campaign Name. We can create the custom document below:

Dear Mr. Black,

With this letter I, %Name%, confirm that I have read the Terms and Conditions and willing to participate in %Event Name% on %Date% as a %Type of Participation%.

I want all proceeds from my activities to be directed to %Campaign Name%.

Sincerely, %Name%

Download PDF. In addition to receiving the PDF file as an email attachment, you can download it from Submissions section clicking on PDF icon next to the individual submissions.



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