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Dropbox Integration

Use the Dropbox Integration Add-on to link your Form Maker plugin and the Dropbox account together. Save storage space and improve website performance by storing the form attachments straight to your Dropbox account.

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!Attention: Dropbox Integration Add-On requires Premium version of Form Maker

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General information

Are you a Dropbox account owner, who keeps the essential workflow data within the Dropbox account? Do you want to get chance to save storage space and skip storing file uploads on your website and get Dropbox integration?

The Form Maker Dropbox Integration addon is extending the Form Maker capabilities allowing to store the form attachments straight to your Dropbox account. It automatically creates a Form Maker folder within your Dropbox account with its subfolders and keeps the data organized for more convenient data view.

There will be a chance to access/view/download the uploaded files straight from the website without the need of getting to Dropbox simply by hitting the file path.


You should install Dropbox Integration add-on as a standard plugin. Go to Plugins section, press Add new. Here select the downloaded zip file of the add-on and press Install Now. After the installation is completed press Activate button. Alternatively you can extract the plugin’s zip file and upload to your wp-content/plugins folder via FTP, then enter Plugins section and press Activate.

Dropbox Integration

Go to the Manager>Select the form. Go to Form Options>Dropbox Integration. Enable the feature. You can disable it anytime pressing “Disconnect” button below the settings.
Here you should first Authorize your Dropbox account. Hit the “Authorize” button. You will be redirected to your Dropbox account, where you should login. After this step you should allow the Form Maker to get access to a folder, which will be furthered used for storing data. Press “Allow” button. A pop-up box with an authorization will be displayed. Here you should copy the code and paste it within the corresponding input field in Dropbox Integration section. Finalize the process hitting the “Confirm” button.

Note: The Form Maker Dropbox Integration will only access the Dropbox/Apps/Form Maker/[FORM TITLE] folder and store the attached files in the subfolders.

If you have enabled the Dropbox Integration, you might want to skip storing the uploaded files within the website. Go to Manager>Select the form> Form Options>General Options and set “Save Uploads” to the desired option.

After the integration with Dropbox, the account details and settings will be displayed: Account Information: The account information will display the username of the Dropbox account owner, the email, as well as it space capacity.
Enable Selective Upload: This option allows you to store the attachments in one or more subfolders. This can be useful if you have multiple upload fields and want to save different file uploads in different folders. Here you should provide the folder name and add the upload field and press “Add option” button to add another folder.
Uploaded files. This section will display all files which are stored in Apps/Form Maker/[FORM TITLE] folder grouped in corresponding subfolder. You can see the following details of each file: number, name, modification date and size. Only 10 entries will be visible at a time. If you want to view more files, you should press “Show More” button.



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