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Form Maker

WordPress Form Builder Add-ons


Form Maker Export/Import is a Form Maker capacity enhancing plugin. It uses a set of three easily adjustable sections.

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Save Form Progress

The add-on allows to save filled in forms as draft and continue editing them subsequently.

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Conditional Mailing

Conditional Emails add-on allows to send emails to different recipients depending on the submitted data.

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Form Maker Pushover integration allows to receive real-time notifications when a user submits a new form. This means messages can be pushed to Android and Apple devices, as well as desktop notification board.

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MailChimp Integration

MailChimp service helps to send marketing emails, automated messages, and targeted campaigns.

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WordPress Registration

Need to get the users easily register at your website? User Registration Add-On easily integrates with Form maker forms allowing users to create accounts at your website.

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Post Generation

Post Generation add-on allows creating a post, page or custom post based on the submitted data.

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Dropbox Integration

The Form Maker Dropbox Integration addon is extending the Form Maker capabilities allowing to store the form attachments straight to your Dropbox account.

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Google Drive Integration

The Google Drive Integration add-on integrates Form Maker with Google Drive and allows you to send the file uploads to the Google Drive.

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PDF Integration

The Form Maker PDF Integration add-on allows sending submitted forms in PDF format.

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Form Maker Stripe is convenient add-on if you have plans to integrate Stripe payment method as an addition to default PayPal Payments method.

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The Form Maker Calculator add-on allows creating forms with dynamically calculated fields.

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