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Choose events within a certain timeframe or specific events and display them on site front-end as a widget with the help of the Upcoming Events Add-on for WordPress Event Calendar WD.

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This add-on is a convenient tool for displaying a list of upcoming events in the widget. The widget is fully customizable.

The range of the upcoming events can be set from the back end. You can select from 3 available options:

  1. Events starting from the current date
  2. Events within certain time frame
  3. Only specific events

You can set a specific number of the events to be displayed.

The widget uses options of either not including the event content or making it expandable only upon clicking.

The event titles will be hyperlinks clicking upon which the user will be redirected to the event page.

Time, date formats, color scheme, fonts can be adjusted in order to meet your website design.

Installing and adding upcoming events widget

Go to Appearance>Widgets>Upcoming Events WD Widget. Click on the widget and assign it to a widget area.

Title. Provide a title for the widget. If you don’t want to have a title for the widget area leave blank.
Calendars to display. Select the calendar which will be used for displaying upcoming events.
Events to Display. Set the events which will be included in the list. The list can include all events starting from the current date, events in a specific date interval or selected events (you can select the events using + sign button).
Events count. Set the number of the events which will be visible in the widget.
Make content expandable. Choose whether to make the user get to the full event page or to display the content of the event upon hitting expand button.
Show event date. Choose whether to display the event date or not.
Show event rate. Choose whether to display the event repeat rate or not. The option is mostly useful for recurring events.
Show event text. Choose whether to include event description within the widget or not .

Color options and the design of the widget can be customized as well.



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