Malware, hacker attacks, server crashes, user errors are pretty common. However you can avoid any situation that can harm your website and cause data loss by regularly backing up your website.

Backup WD is an easy to use WordPress plugin that allows to backup your entire website, including your database, media files, plugins, themes , etc. Setup multiple backups on different schedules to backup your site automatically or backup manually when a new backup is necessary. With the plugin you can also store your backups in the cloud.

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WordPress Backup Plugin Features

Keep your site safe and secure. Simplify the backup process of your WordPress website with a reliable backup plugin.


The backup plugin for WordPress is extremely easy-to-use and user-friendly. You can install the plugin and set-up your first backup job with a matter of few clicks.

Database & Files Backup

Securely backup database and files, including plugins, themes and uploaded content. You can choose which files and folders you want to backup and exclude the ones that don’t need backup.

Set Schedules

The plugin supports manual (on-demand), as well as scheduled (automatic) backups. Easily schedule daily, weekly, or monthly backups or choose a more advanced backup options depending on your site’s update frequency. You can create and manage multiple schedules.

Backup Destinations

Automatically store backup files off-site, in a cloud storage. The backup plugin comes with a wide range of storage options, including Amazon S3, Dropbox, RackSpace, GDrive, Amazon Glacier and others.

Archive format

Choose the backup archive format from 4 options available, including Zip, Tar, Tar GZip and Tar BZip2.


All website backups are logged in detail. You can access view and download the logs to get in-depth insight into each backup process.


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