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Step 3: Creating Twitter Widget ID

3.1 Log in to your Twitter Account.
3.2 Press your avatar on the upper right corner to open the drop-down list. Here select Settings.
3.3 In the left menu select Widgets.
3.4 Click on the “Create new” button.
3.5 Select the widget type you want to create - User Timeline, Favorites, List or Search. The type of the widget and the timeline should correspond for the timeline to be functional.
3.6 Set up the widget details in the left column (e.g. Safe Search mode, Only Show Top Tweet, etc.). The changes will be visible with the live preview on the right side.
3.7 The features which are also changeable in Twitter Tools Timeline Widget will take the options provided in the Timeline Widget (e.g. even if you have Dark Theme for your widget, you can change it to Light Theme with your timeline.)
3.8 Once you are done Press “Create New”.
3.9 When the widget is created, in the browser address bar and embedded code below the widget you will see a numeric code, which is your Widget ID. This code changes with each created widget. You should copy the numeric code and paste it in the Widget ID field of the Timeline widget.

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