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Step 3: Managing Events of a Joomla event calendar

3.1 On the top menu select Components > Spider FC
3.2 Click on the Manage events of the particular calendar, which you need to manage.
3.3 In the upper right corner click on the “New” button.
3.4 Title. Add a title for the event.
3.5 Time. Set the start time and the end time for the event.
3.6 Date. Set the start date and the end date for the event.
3.7 Add items. Add Items to your event and press “insert” button.

  • Add image. Choose an image from the computer or write the URL.
  • Add video. Choose a video from the computer or write the URL.
  • Add video from Youtube. Write the URL of the video.
3.8 Event type. Choose a type for the event.
  • Text: You can use this field for typing some text.
  • HTML: You can insert your own HTML content to your event.
3.9 Type. Choose a type.
3.10 Priority. Choose the priority of the event: no priority, low, medium, high.
3.11 Published. Choose whether to publish the event or not.

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