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Step 4.5: Product Page Options of the Joomla Catalog.

In this section you can customize several parameters specifically for the product cell appearance on the product page, where you find yourself after following the “More” hyperlink on the bottom right corner of the product cell.
4.5.1 Big Title size. Define the text size of the first word in the product title.
4.5.2 Picture Width. Define the width of the product image.
4.5.3 Picture Height. Define the height of the product image.
4.5.4 Text Size. Define the text size for all the fields besides the product title, price parameter value, and market price parameter title and value.
4.5.5 Price size. Define the text size for the price parameter value and market price parameter title and value.
4.5.6 Title size. Define the text size of the product title.
4.5.7 Background Color of “Add your review here” section Box. Select the background color of the “Add your review here” section box.
4.5.8 Color of Review Texts. Choose the color of the submitted review texts.
4.5.9 Background Color of Review Author section. Choose the background color of the section where the reviewer’s name appears.
4.5.10 Background Color of Review text. Choose the background color of the submitted reviews.
4.5.11 Number of reviews per page. Define the maximum number of reviews per page.
4.5.12. Price Background Color. Choose the background color for the price box.
4.5.13. Product background color for “Add your review here” and “Send” Buttons. Select the color for the ”Add your review here” and “Send” buttons.

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