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Step 4.1: Global Options of the Joomla Catalog.

4.1.1 On the top menu select Components Spider Catalog Options.
4.1.2 At the upper right corner click on the “Global options” button.
4.1.3 Price. Choose whether the catalog has a price parameter or not.
4.1.4 Market Price. Choose whether the catalog has a market price parameter or not.
4.1.5 Currency symbol. Define the currency of the product price (e.g. ‘$’)
4.1.6 Currency Symbol Position. Choose whether the currency symbol appears before or after the price number.
4.1.7 Enable/Disable Product Ratings. Choose whether the users can rate the product or not.
4.1.8 Enable/Disable Customer Reviews. Choose whether the users can submit reviews or not.
4.1.9 Enable/Disable Search by category. Choose whether there is a possibility to filter products on the catalog by category using the “Choose Category” drop-down list or not.
4.1.10 Enable/Disable Search by name. Choose whether there is a possibility to search products on the catalog by name or not.

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