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Step 8: Publishing Submissions as a menu item.

8.1 On the top menu select Menu>[MENU] (where [MENU] is the name of the menu).
8.2 In the upper right corner click on “New” button to add a new Menu item.
8.3 From “Menu Item” select the type Form Maker > Submissions.
8.4 On the left side you will see Menu Item details, where the title of the menu and several optional attributes must be typed.
8.5 On the right side you will see a field for selecting the form, as well as its options.
  • Form. Click on Select button and choose the form you want to display the submissions of.
  • Select fields. Specify the fields you want to be displayed on the front end Submissions section.
  • Select Date Range. Specify the date range of the submissions you want to be displayed.
  • Stats fields. Select the fields, the statistics of which you want to be displayed.
  • Show. Choose the submissions options, which will be available with the front end submissions section.
  • Export to. Choose whether to allow the users exporting the submissions checking the checkboxes of the corresponding formats.

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