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Step 4.1: Selecting options from database.

Some of the form fields allow adding options from local or remote databases instead of creating them manually. This includes Select, Multiple Choice and Single Choice options, as well as some of the PayPal fields (Checkbox, Radio, Select and Shipping). This can be used for applying previously generated lists as a selection base. The list is dynamic: when making changes in source table, the selection list will also get modified.

It is specifically suitable when you have Name and Value columns in source table. The Name will be used only for the user in the form of a select/single or multiple choice. Accordingly, the corresponding value of the selected item will be filled out in the Form Maker Submissions section, as well as the database.

Connection Type.

You can connect to either local or external (remote) database. For the external database you should provide the host, port, username, password and database.

Select a table: Select the table of the database, you want to add the Name and Value from.

Select a name: Choose the table field, values of which will be displayed to the user in a list.

Select a value: Choose the table field, values of which will be submitted to the database.

Adding condition.

There is an opportunity of adding conditions. If the table row fulfills the condition, only then it will be used. You can add more than one condition.


Select the table field, provide the condition (equal, not equal, bigger than and etc.) and provide the conditional value.

Order by

You can order the select/multiple or single choice option items for the front end. You should choose the table field and provide the sequence (ascending, descending). The list will be modified accordingly.

On the back end, the option will display the table field name, whereas for the front end it will display the values which have fulfilled the provided conditions.

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