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Step 9: Changing Form Maker Permissions.

To change the permission access for various Form Maker sections and subsections, you should go to the Form Maker and hit the Options menu on the upper right corner.

Please note that by default the option is only visible for the Administrator and Super User level groups.
You will be redirected to the permissions page, where the first column displays the user groups within your Joomla website. To the right side you will see the Actions and possibility to change the permission level for that group.

Let’s discuss the Actions and their possibilities.

Configure: Allows the user group to have access to the Permissions option itself.
Access Administration Interface: Allows the user group to access all Form Maker sections and subsections.
Create: Allows the user group to create new forms, themes and block IPs.
Delete: Allows the user group to delete forms, themes and use the delete button within Block IPs section.
Edit: Allows the user group to edit the created forms.
Edit Own: Allows the user to edit only the forms created by the user.
View Submissions: Allows viewing the entire submissions section.
View Own Submissions: Allows viewing the entries submitted by that specific user.
Delete submissions: Allows the user to delete the submissions of any form.
Edit submissions: Allows editing the submissions of any form.
Blocking IPs: Allows accessing and making changes within blocking IPs section of the Form Maker.

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