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Step 16:  Creating/Editing Users and User groups.

16.1 Users. Here you will see the list of the online store users.
You can see their ID, Joomla user ID, Name, Company, Country and Usergroup, if there is any. The full details of the users will be visible if you check the row and press View button at the top. You can also edit the user details and make necessary changes pressing Edit button.
16.2 Usergroups. Here you can create a specific group of users for which you can assign a discount, e.g. devoted users, April users and etc.
16.2.1 Name. Provide a name for the usergroup.
16.2.2 Discount. Specify a discount which will be available only for that specific usergroup using Select button. You can as well add a discount using Manage button.
16.2.3 Users. Select the users who will be included in the special user group.

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