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Step 17:  Creating/Editing Themes.

The extension comes with 5 default themes. You can create more themes and set those to be the default theme for the product.
If you want to add a new theme, you should press New button in the upper right corner. Then you can set it to be a default theme, by checking and pressing Default button at the upper right corner.
The section uses four separate subsections for different parts of the extension.
17.4 Products.
17.4.1 Colors. Set the color scheme for the individual product details (title, its category, manufacturer, as well as price and market price).
17.4.2 Filters. Set the filter positioning from the provided options.
17.4.3 Number of Products.
  • Number of products in page (by default). Set the default number of product which will be displayed in a single page.
  • Columns (Thumbnail view). Select the number of visible product columns per page. The users will be able to change it to their desired option using Items per page option in the front end.
17.4.4 View data. Select the visible data for each view. To make the option visible check the checkbox corresponding to the view.

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