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Step 6: Creating/Editing Products.

6.1 Go to Products menu. Here you can add the products for the online store. Here you can add all of the details concerning the products. For the features, which are not created in advance can be added from this page pressing Manage button next to it. It will open in a new window. The added item will be immediately included in the list and you can add that feature without refreshing the page.
6.2 Name. Provide the name of the product.
6.3 Alias. Indicate the URL of the e-commerce page, e.g. If you leave it blank, it will assign a URL automatically.
6.4 Category.the category for the product pressing Select button.
6.5 Manufacturer. Select the manufacturer for the product pressing Select button.
6.6 Description. Provide detailed description for your product.
6.7 Images. Press Add images button to add images for your product.
You can upload images from your PC and other devices using this feature. Multi-upload is also possible.
To add the uploaded images to your Product, you should press Open button. If you want to add all uploaded images, press first Select All and then Open buttons.
6.8 Price. Provide the price of the product.
6.9 Discount. Select the discount for the product which will be withdrawn from the price.
6.10 Tax. Specify the amount of tax for the product.
6.11 Final Price(including discount and tax).The field will provide the automatically counted price for the product.
6.12 Market Price. Provide the market price for the product.
6.13 Amount in stock. Here you can either provide a specific amount for the product or select “Unlimited” option. The amount will be dropped when certain amount of product gets sold.
6.14 Label. Select the label for the products.
6.15 License Pages. Press to select the licensing page. Mostly used for indicating the purchase, use and return policies. Each product can have its own licensing page/all products can use the same licensing option. License pages can be created at Home>Licensing Pages section.
6.16 Shipping Methods. . Select the shipping method from the list or press Manage to add a new option. The shipping methods can be different for different products. Shipping methods can be created at Localization menu>Shipping Method.
6.17 Meta title. Provide the meta title for the product for SEO purposes.
6.18 Mete description. Provide the meta description for the product for SEO purposes.
6.19 Meta keyword. Provide the meta keyword which will be used in the category page for SEO purposes.
6.20 Parameters. Choose the parameters for the product using Add Parameters button. In addition you can inherit the parameters from the parent category pressing Add Category Parameters button.
6.21 Tags. Choose the tags to add to the product using Add Parameters button. In addition you can inherit the tags from the parent category pressing Add Category Tags button.
6.22 Published. Choose whether to publish the product or leave it for further publishing.

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