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Step by step guide

Step 13:  Creating/Editing orders.

13.1 Go to Orders menu>Orders.You will be able to view the orders and make the relevant changes. Here you will be able to print out Invoice of the orders in a PDF format, view, edit and delete specific orders.
13.2 Date From. Here you specify the starting date of the checkouts to be displayed.
13.3 Date To. Here you specify the ending date of the checkouts to be displayed.
13.4 ID. Displays the ID of the user.
13.5 User name. Displays the name of the user.
13.6 User IP address. Displays the IP address of the user.
13.7 Products. Displays the ordered product(s).
13.8 Total Price. Displays the total price of the orders.
13.9 Checkout Date. Displays the date of the ordering.
13.10 Date modified. Displays the date when the purchase was modified.
13.11 Status. Displays one of the order statuses created by the administrator. The drop-down list of order statuses can be managed using the Order Statuses page.
13.12 Payment Status. Displays the status of the payment.
13.13 Read. Displays whether the order has been viewed or not.

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