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Step 14:  Creating/Editing localization features.

This menu can be used for adding localization features to the online store, such as country and currency.
14.1 Adding a country Go to Localization menu>Country.You can add the countries, where the online store is available for use.
14.2 Adding a currency Go to Localization menu>Currency.You can add the currency of the countries, where the online store is available for use. The currencies can be either selected using Select button in the lower right corner (here you will see the list of the PayPal currencies) or doing the process manually.
14.3 Adding a shipping method Go to Localization menu>Shipping Method.You can add multiple shipping methods depending on the options of the online store, including even local car delivery or international shipments by plane.
14.3.1 Name. Provide the name for the shipping method.
14.3.2 Description. Fill in the details for the shipping method, e.g. shipping is being done by train, by plane and et.
14.3.3 Countries. Select the countries which are eligible for the specific shipping method from the list of previously created countries.
14.3.4 Price.Set the price for the shipping method.
In addition you can provide a price amount after which you want the shipment to be set as free checking the box below the Price option.
14.3.5 Free shipping. Choose whether to have free shipping or not.
14.3.6 Published. Choose whether to have the shipping method published or not.

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