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You already specify the height, but could you please specify the image width as well to prevent your images from coming up in my gtmetrix reports

The following image(s) are missing width and/or height attributes.

carewaywellness.com/wp-content/plugins/Z...ts/images/16/100.png (Dimensions: 100 x 100)
carewaywellness.com/wp-content/plugins/Z.../images/16/minus.png (Dimensions: 100 x 100)
carewaywellness.com/wp-content/plugins/Z...s/images/16/plus.png (Dimensions: 100 x 100)

here is my source code for that section:
<img src="http://carewaywellness.com/wp-content/plugins/Zoom/elements/images/16/plus.png" alt="plus" id="plus" style="display:inline;cursor:pointer; height:60px" onclick="changeFontSize_my(2); return false; "/>

<img src="http://carewaywellness.com/wp-content/plugins/Zoom/elements/images/16/100.png" alt="100" id="100" style="display:inline;cursor:pointer; height:50px" onclick="revertStyles_my(2); return false; "/>

<img src="http://carewaywellness.com/wp-content/plugins/Zoom/elements/images/16/minus.png" alt="minus" id="minus" style="display:inline;cursor:pointer; height:40px" onclick="changeFontSize_my(-2); return false; "/>



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Support replied the topic: Specify Image Width

Dear Derek,

Could you please give us the link to your website, so we can see the problem your facing and provide a solution?
Thank you.

Best regards,
Web-Dorado team

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Wordpress plugins ,
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