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Vicky Horstman created the topic: Tag Images

Hello, and thank you for developing an excellent accessibility tool for the visually impaired. I think our site visitors without a magnifier will find this useful.

However, I would like to extend the proper accessibility features to include alt tags for the images included with the Zoom tool. Can you please tell me how/where to tag these images for my screen reader users.

I would further recommend that this be added to your next update. If this is done, it will greatly benefit the accessible web.

Thank You,


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Administrator replied the topic: Re: Tag Images

Dear Vicky,

Thank you for a helpful piece of advice and sorry for answering you so late.

We will include alt attributes in the next version of Joomla Zoom Module.

You can add alt attributes manually by editing modules/mod_zoom/mod_zoom.php (The img tags are in the last lines of code.)

Best Regards
Web-Dorado.com team


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