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Greg Poole created the topic: portfolio gallery sidebars

Hi, I'm enjoying using portfolio gallery theme but I'm having a problem with managing sidebar sizes. The theme options in layout editor don't seem to be so intuitive. Setting main column width has a predictable effect on my homepage (shrinking the gallery of post thumbnails). It doesn't seem to have the same effect on pages with sidebars... and the primary sidebar always seems to stay same width, secondary sidebar is kind of pushed off screen to the left.
Maybe I have some styling in place that I'm not aware of but I don't think so .
This page shows the problem
I am using woo sidebar manager so maybe that is implicated?
I'm attaching a screenshot of the layout settings, but I've tried with lots of others to no good effect.
thanks in advance for any help.


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Agapi G. replied the topic: portfolio gallery sidebars

Dear Greg,

I have shown your post to our developers and they said, that this particular page is actually displaying properly. But if you have already created this page, please edit its layout from page metabox, which is the toolbox under the page content editor.

Global layout options affect on pages created afterwards, that is why those changes are not applying to this page.

And also they noted, that your homepage seems to be customized, because the content of it is supposed to be full width. Or in case it is not set to be full width, the sidebars should be appearing, as set so in layout settings.

Thank you!

Kind regards,
Agapi G.
Web-Dorado team

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