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Riccardo created the topic: Javascript function

Hi all,

What is the JavaScript function to load a feed? I have tried wdi_front.globalInit(); but it only loads the title and not the feed. I need this because I use AJAX on my site. Because of me loading pages in AJAX, the feed never gets placed, because the plugin tries to pass information into the DOM before it is fully loaded.

Could you provide me with the right JS function so I can pass it into an onClick?

Kind regards,



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Agapi G. replied the topic: Javascript function

Hi Riccardo! Thanks for posting about this!

Kindly note, that unfortunately only Javascript function cannot call the feed. Some additional PHP code needs to be changed as well, because the external Javascripts do not get written in AJAX response.

It also depends on the theme you are using. So could you please contact our team by e-mail ([email protected]) and give temporary WordPress admin access to your website? We will take a look and try to figure out a way of displaying Instagram feeds on your website.

Also please make sure to include the link to this forum topic in your e-mail.
Thank you in advance! Have a wonderful week!

Kind regards,
Agapi G.
Web-Dorado team

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