Problem with markers

innovamedia created the topic: Problem with markers

Hi good afternoon , I'm having problems when introducing new markers on the map.
I'm trying to introduce new locations, once the markers is created , it appears in the list , but when you click "save" and the page is reloaded, the new marker disappears.

I need to know what happens and how it can be fixed , as the website belongs to a client and specifically bought the plugin to introduce more than 500 locations.

So it seems there is some sort of maximum of locations allows us to introduce the plugin .

The web address where the map is

if you need to access to our backend of wordpress .
Ask Me and i create an access to you.

Please sendme a response as soon as possible.



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Zhanna Khachatryan replied the topic: Problem with markers

Dear user,

Thanks for keeping us posted about this issue.

This is general problem and we'll fix it in our upcoming update next week.

If you need it sooner, can you please contact to your hosting provider and ask them to increase post_max_size?

Kind regards,
Zhanna K.
Web-Dorado team

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