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John created the topic: News Magazine Theme - Video does not format correctly

I am using Youtube URLs to display Youtube videos within a single post. Actually, I will be using RSS Aggregator to do a mass import. The problem I'm having is that the video's display does not fill in the body; it's just too small and doesn't look good. I switched to the Twenty Seventeen theme and then the video presented correctly, so this seems to be a News Magazine issue. See...

Also, How do I move or remove meta information such as data, author, and category? Right now it appears below the post. Isn't there a way to present it at the top of the post. See link above. In addition, there is an additional post(s) following the meta information. I'd like to be able to remove that as well. And finally, the comments section, which I would like to appear immediately following the blog post, do not fill across the body text but instead only go about 50 percent of the width of the body. I'd like it to fill all the way across as it would look much more professional.

Note: Please reference for all my questions above.


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