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DragonDon created the topic: stream not found

I get the above error message regardless if I choose the video from internal menus or just paste the vid link directly into the plugin.

Video is available if I plug the url into a browswer.

Video is stored on the wp site itself in the media library.

Fresh install(less than a week old, not even public). WP 3.6

Default included youtube videos play fine.

Was hoping a nice and simple solution.


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Support replied the topic: stream not found

Dear DragonDon,

Are you using the Flash or HTML5 version of the player. If the video is not playing in the browser make sure that the format is supported. Supported formats are MP4, OGV (for HTML5) and MP4, FLV (for Flash). If you are trying to open the video using the direct link then the video should be compatible with HTML5. If after all the video file you are trying to play is in MP4 format, then try using this free online video converter to convert your MP4 to HTML5 MP4 format. If your problem still persists please give us (to [email protected]) admin access to your site and we'll try to fix the problem as soon as possible.

Best regards,
Web-Dorado team

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