ERROR: SQL=ALTER TABLE sgj_spidervideoplayer_video

Frank Saegesser created the topic: ERROR: SQL=ALTER TABLE sgj_spidervideoplayer_video

Hi, I'm a newbie, running website on Joomla 3.1.1. After installation of com-, mod- and plg-zip everyting worked fine. After that I changed something (unfortunately newbie-like). When I try to go to components, spider videoplayer, videos, the message in the subject appears. I already tried to reinstall everything. but no success. I even don't see the modul after installing it (with green confirmation). can somebody help me? Thank you already helping a stupid newbie. Cheers.


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Frank Saegesser replied the topic: Re: ERROR: SQL=ALTER TABLE sgj_spidervideoplayer_video

The problem has been solved within not more than 3 hours by the customer support staff. TAHNKS A LOT TO THESE PEOPLE. WAS PRIME SERVICE AND WELL DONE!!! :) :) :)

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