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Kaj van den Oord created the topic: Article title

I've already read the topic about formatting titles, but that doesn't helps me with my problem.

On my website I use this module to display random 'top comments' that I take from my Youtube videos. These are short and in a quote style text, with a small image floating at the left side and the username below the comment. These articles are in a standard Joomla category, not in the component.

Now every one of these has an article title, which I can't seem to hide. Even after setting the Joomla article options for every 'top comment article', disabling the 'Show title' option doesn't hide the title in the Spider Random Article module.

I also don't want to turn of titles completely since that will also hide the titles on all my main articles.

Is there a way in which I can get rid of these titles? Or maybe this function can be added, since you are pulling the articles from a Joomla category. Then it shouldn't be that difficult to make the module check if the 'Show title' setting is turned on or off.

Here is my live site:
you can find the module at the top of the sidebar where it displays one article, and at the bottom of the sidebar where another 4 articles are displayed.

Thanks already.


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Support replied the topic: Re: Article title

Dear Kaj van den Oord,

Please add the following css class to your site's stylesheet.

.moduletable div:nth-child(odd) {
display: none;

Best regards,
Web-Dorado team

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Wordpress plugins ,
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