Unique Event repeat every year

Martina Franke created the topic: Unique Event repeat every year


I´ve installed Spider Calendar on my Website. It works, but there´s one problem. If I create an Event in Front End unique though it repeats every year. If I create the same Event in Back End it's really unique.
The problem is, my user has no rights to create Events from Back End. Either you can explain me, how I can give my user (Manager) the right to Spider Calender Back End, or solve the problem in Front End.

Please can you help me?

Thanks Kathrin


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Support replied the topic: Unique Event repeat every year

Dear Martina,

Unfortunately Manager users don't have access to the backend of the calendar. Enabling that option requires customization. But you are able to allow the users to modify the events from frontend by checking the necessary checkboxes in Front end event management access level section. You can find it in your calendar's settings.

So if it repeats, please contact us to [email protected] and give temporary admin access to your website. We will take a look and provide a solution to the issue as soon as possible.

Please indicate the full link of your forum post in the subject of your e-mail.
Thank you.

Best regards,
Web-Dorado team

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