Carousel slider poor performance

Igor created the topic: Carousel slider poor performance

I have created carousel slider, but it does not transition smoothly.
1. Instead of sliding to the left and letting new slide come out from the right, it seems that picture is sliding from left side all the way to the right side, on the way overlapping other pictures. This looks terrible.
2. Even though I have loop turned on, it stops as soon as I move mouse to another tab, once I come back to slider tab, it does not continue transitions.
3. If I use shortcode to put it into text box, it does not even show up correctly.
It is on this site
Please help.


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Anoush replied the topic: Carousel slider poor performance

Dear Igor,

Thanks for your inquiry :)

Please note that there are styling issues and they come from the website theme.

May we check the problem from admin area of your website? Please send the login information using the contact form on this page. Our development team will check the issue as soon as possible and figure out a solution.

Also make sure to include the link to this forum topic in your message.
Thanks! Have a wonderful day!


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