Some things I'd like to share for some improvement

Hielke created the topic: Some things I'd like to share for some improvement

Hi Folks,

I'm very happy testing out the Slider WD for you (and of course the translation in Dutch).
There are some troubles / flaws / improvements I've got on my list here. I hope you can improve the core so it will be even better then it is already!

Here we go ....

Shadow function
The shadow function works .. but.. it's assigned to the block, not to the text itself. So if you use no background (transparancy at 100%) the block get's the shadow, what I didn't expect. I'd love to have text shadow instead of the box

Positioning / responsiveness of text layers
When you insert 1 or more text layers positioned, they'll end up very messy when viewing on a tablet or other smaller device. The positions are not where they should be unfortunately. When I use images it's all ok. So for now on, I create the text in photoshop and save it as an image. This shouldn't be necessary in my opinion.

Inserting an image layer doesn't always work
When I'm busy changing things for a while, at a sudden point there's the problem that the image I've uploaded isn't inserted at all. As a workaround you could simply do the procedure again and it will work. The image will be inserted in the slider eventually. This is not some theme issue, because I tried it several times on different installations / templates.

Missing a simple way to add fonts
There's still no simple way to add your own fonts, or just regular fonts to the component. That's a real pitty. I saw a post coming by on the forum, from a guy who asked for 'just' a bold / strong feature inside. This must be possible to achieve. It's a big miss when using text layers.

Lets get Slider WD score even more on the market: Set timing per slide!
I think when it would be possible to set the transition time of each slide seperately (as an option maybe), you'll get a great result. Sometimes you've got a slide which has a lot of layers with it's own transition and taking up a lot of time to finish (which is not annoying, because there's happening a lot in that slide. When you see a slide with a small amount of effects, it looks like viewing at that slide takes ages :P

Include JQuery by default or give this option in settings
As I can see JQuery isn't loaded by default, but maybe I'm wrong. A lot of extensions give the option to load JQuery on forehand, or not.

I hope you can do something with my opinion :)


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Agapi G. replied the topic: Some things I'd like to share for some improvement

Hello Hielke!

Thank you so much for testing Slider WD and sharing your suggestions!

We went over your notes and I have reported them to our developers. Hopefully they will fix these problems and add requested features to Slider WD.

Thanks! Happy holidays!

Kind regards,
Agapi G.
Web-Dorado team

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