music is not working

Ziad Eldada created the topic: music is not working

Slider WD on Joomla 3.2, created a slide show, and in music url I placed this lick:
The slide show work properly but silent. if I place this song link in my browser address, the music work properly, am I missing somthing?

Later I decided I used slider wd to upload a music file, and selected it, it replaced the external link and worked properly. but without any audio control.
I have few questions:
1- can we use external music url. If yes, why I couldn't do it.
2- Is there any audio control I missed? if no, is there any plans to add it in future upgrade?
3- What is the library directory where all the pictures are stored.


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Zhanna Khachatryan replied the topic: music is not working

Hi Ziad,

Thanks for your inquiry.

Ziad, actually it can't play the music with this URL, please download it and upload the file.

This way it'll surely work.

As for directory, the images are saved in media/com_slider_wd.

Kind regards,
Zhanna K.
Web-Dorado team

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