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Pam created the topic: Bullet margins

Is there any way to move the bullets completely off my photos, or as a 2nd choice, completely onto the photos using CSS?

I can move the bullets onto the photos on the slider that only has 6 photos by increasing the margin through the plugin, but that doesn't work well with the slider that has 18 photos since it increases the margins on all sides of the bullets.

Here's the page that has the 2 sliders: kingsmountainautosales.com/margrace-apartments/

Thank you.


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Agapi G. replied the topic: Bullet margins

Hi Pam!

Please use the following two code blocks for each of your sliders:

.wds_slideshow_dots_container_0 {
    bottom: 8px !important;
.wds_slideshow_dots_container_1 {
    bottom: 8px !important;

Add the first one to Custom CSS block of your first slider, and the second block to the same option of your second slider.
Thank you! Have a great day!

Kind regards,
Agapi G.
Web-Dorado team

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