"Add Video" and "Add Post" not working

Kristine Cassady created the topic: "Add Video" and "Add Post" not working

I just purchased the Pro version of Slider WD for WordPress because I need the video functionality. I deactivated the free version, and deleted it as the instructions said. I then installed the download provided upon purchase, and activated it. The original photo sliders I created with the Free version were there, and everything looked good, but when I tried to create a new slide, I added a title, and then clicked "Add Video" and waited...waited...nothing. I tried to add a post, thinking maybe I could get the necessary video into a slide via a post with a featured picture. Clicked on "Add Post" and it offered a list of my posts, but once one was selected, it would not insert it into the slide screen...the selection box remained open even after clicking "Select."

Is there a glitch in the download? I need this feature to work or the purchase of your product was in vain. :(

Thank you.


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Kristine Cassady replied the topic: "Add Video" and "Add Post" not working

Wanted to add...I continued to try to play with it and it will insert a post now, but still no video.

I just tried to deactivate and delete it from my plugins, then I refreshed browser and reinstalled purchased download in .zip file and activated it. Still no video. Also, when I try to add a layer, I still get a message under the "effect in" area saying: "Some effects are disabled in free version" and most of the effects are grayed-out. This tells me there's something wrong with the download..it's somehow still programmed to maintain the "free" version restrictions in some areas. Please tell me how to download the completely functioning version or if there's something I need to do to register in order to use the full version.

Thank you!


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Support replied the topic: "Add Video" and "Add Post" not working

Dear Kristine

Could you please contact us to [email protected] and let us to take a look at the issue? Please mention the full link to your forum post in your e-mail.

Thank you.

Best regards,
Web-Dorado team

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