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Alex created the topic: Photos Being Cropped

All of my photos in the slideshow are being cropped and I don't know why. I have tried to troubleshoot it several ways.

-When uploading images it says they can have max dimensions of 1200x1200. I made sure that my photos were less than that and they still got cropped.
-The default slider dimensions are 800x300. I tried to upload photos that would fit those dimensions in case it couldn't automatically resize. Photos were still cropped, and they were blurry from being blown up.

I would think that there is an obvious step or setting option I am missing. Why does it keep resizing my photos to where the tops and bottoms are cut off? Do I need to crop the photos before uploading to certain dimensions?


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Support replied the topic: Photos Being Cropped

Dear Alex,

In Slider Settings/Global Please set the "Background fit:" option to "Fill" . This will stretch image to the page width. And from "Full width:" option you can declare proper ratio between height and width of image you use.

Best regards,
Web-Dorado team

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